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Internship in the USA

Internship in the USA


Internships in the United States (internship in the USA) - this is an opportunity to immerse into US companies, to gain experience on your profession, and plunge into the life and culture of the country. By participating in the internship program in the US, you can work in the United States from 6 to 18 months. We can offer training in the US in different areas. Most paid jobs are available in the field of hotel and restaurant business and tourism. Paid internships in other areas are possible, but more difficult to find, so many placements are unpaid. If you are a student of the university or have recently graduated - you can take part in this program and to do an internship in US companies by contacting the "Student Agency".



internship in the US will allow you to see the business is conducted and people live here. By participating in the Internship Program, you can work in America from 6 to 18 months, and not only improve your professional skills, but also save some money to cover living expenses. Most of the paid internships are in the hospitality - hotel and restaurant business. In other areas, finding paid internships is possible, but takes more time. If you are a university student, have recently become a specialist, or have long been disaccustomed and have work experience - you can take part in this program and do an internship at US companies by contacting the Student Agency.

Self-placed - an independent search of the employer
Pre-placed - the selection of the employer on your specialty is carried out by the US program sponsor

The areas in which it is possible to do an internship in the United States:

  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing, media and communications
  • Management, Business, Commerce, Finance

The easiest way to find paid internships in the US is in the hotel and restaurant business that involve working in the service sector: cook, waiter, hostess, administrator. We are also able to find paid internships for candidates with work experience from 1 year (trainee) in the following areas not related to hospitality:

  • Logistics and Supply Chain management (Air Fright, Ground, International)
  • Business Management or Communications
  • Marketing internships (Brand and Sales)
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Designers
  • IT (Frond, Back end developers)
  • Agricultural and Horticultural placements

Please contact us to get the list of available positions. Placement in the hospitality industry usually takes about 2 months, in other areas - 4-6 months.

If you do not have work experience or education in the above areas, there may be vacancies in your specialty for unpaid internships. Although here and now such an internship does not pay off, in the long term, experience in the United States and the corresponding line in the resume can greatly simplify your building a successful career. Sometimes it makes sense to earn less today, or not to earn at all, but to earn much more tomorrow. Look at the situation objectively: how can a lawyer (economist) from Russia be of help to an employer in the USA, where is a completely different law? But it's not the money thai is important, experience, recommendations, proper CV are important. This is just a start. Having learned English, and having exactly “American” work experience, the path to paid work back home or abroad will become much easier and shorter.

You can apply for the program all year round, the duration of the program is 3 to 18 months.  The salaries of Internship In The USA program participants are usually between $ 8 and $ 12 per hour.


A trainee must meet the following criteria:

    Has a degree or professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academic institution and at least one year of prior related work experience in his or her occupational field outside the United States; or
    Has five years of work experience outside the United States in the occupational field in which they are seeking training

Interns must meet the following criteria:

    Who are currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a foreign degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the United States; or
    Who have graduated from such an institution no more than 12 months prior to their exchange visitor program start date.

Other requirements:

  • 18+ years
  • Advanced / Fluent English

Step 1. Select a program

You need to familiarize yourself with the “Internship in the USA” program and decide which category you are in - Intern or trainee, and whether you have your own employer in the USA, or you have found a suitable vacancy on our list.

Step 2. Create CV

You need to email resumes in English, indicating your education and work experience.

Step 3. Interview

If your candidacy is suitable, then you will have an interview with us (presonal or via Skype);

Step 4. Document Collection

After successful completion of the interview, it is necessary to conclude an agreement and pay the registration fee of $ 500, as well as collect documents for participation in the program (a copy of the international passport page with a photo, questionnaires, job descriptions, confirming experience, diploma, video presentation.

Step 5. Placement

The sponsor matches you with an employer, or checks an employer you have already found (in some cases site visit is necessary). After the confirmation of internship you pay the full cost of the program and wait for a DS-2019 form.

Step 6. Visa

Submission of documents to the US embassy / consulate for a J-1 visa and obtaining a visa.

Step 7. Departure to the United States







1-6 months


$2,250 - $2850 depending on program Sponsor

7-12 months


$2850+ в depending on program Sponsor

18 months



Program fee includes:

  • Placement in a career related business
  • DS 2019 form for J-1 visa
  • orientation and ongoing supervision by Sponsor staf
  • assistance with obtaining US visa

Additional expences:

  • SEVIS fee $220
  • medical insurance $60 per month
  • US visa fee $160
  • $200 site visit fee, required in self-placed employer have not previously participated successfully in an Internship program AND have fewer than 25 employees, OR less than $3 million in revenue annually
  • housing and living expences
  • flight tickets
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